Observe animals carefully and you will learn how to anticipate their interaction. I got this shot by sensing that the moorhen was about to challenge the turtle for this sunning spot. I was ready when the action took place.


500mm f4 lens, 1.4 extender, Canon 50D

Yes, this, on tripod, is a heavy set-up to lug around. But, if you have it get out there with it and you will be rewarded. I carried mine on a two mile loop through Hanna Park recently and the workout paid off. This shot of a young Red-shouldered Hawk is a favorite from that shoot. The hawk had just ruffled its feathers and paused long enough for me to get this image in very nice light.


Branches and Buds

Here is another way to simplify and isolate a subject. Use a long lens set at a wide aperture. This allows your subject to stand out against a soft background. In this case the shallow depth of field still defines the branches but so softly that the image is not confusing. Instead, it is interesting and has a certain abstract quality.


Look for Simple, Isolated Subjects

Sometimes a simple subject can be interesting. No clutter, no confusion about what is important in the shot. A rainy day and a wet leaf on a granite bench might be all you need for an attention getting image.


My Wife Shot Me!

Good to have your wife, or someone, shoot you now and then. It may come in handy for promo.