Luck = Going Back Again and Again.

Keep going back to that favorite nature spot and you will be rewarded. Today, Hanna Park served up a wonderful setting of Red-winged Blackbirds in a bed of reeds.


New Theme Gallery - Seashore and Waterfront

Visit the new Theme Gallery which features images from the Amelia Island seashore and the Fernandina Beach waterfront.


Room 632

It is fun to play with image titles. This scene is shot from room 632. But, what hotel, what resort? A little mystery makes it interesting.


Fallen Giant in the Mist

Just added this panel piece to the Theme Gallery. The image is of the actual art panels on wood. You can see the play of the wood grain in the scene and how it adds interest to the presentation. At its maximum size, the individual panels are 14.5” x 48”.


It's Your Picture. Turn it Upside Down If You Want.

I do this sometimes with select images. I find that I like the mystery or the art thus created. The image above is actually a marsh scene with the morning sky reflected in the water. Upside down it looks to me like a prairie scene with a beautiful sky above.